• armosknightWill Dawngate Chronicles eventually be released as a hard copy? Because that'd be super.
  • YES.
    It can happen. Anything can happen- the team on Dawngate and the Chronicles are not lacking in ambition- but our ability to do things like publish books, make plushies, and direct animated serieses all depends on people’s interest. If it takes off and does well- if you guys like it and tell your friends and get into it- then the sky is the limit. 
    For now, I am trying not to think about any of that and just focus on making the best comic I can make. I know, and I think all of us know that art has to precede art-books- and heck, we’re only on page 12! I would be neat if one day I looked up from the drawing board and there was a book there, full of art, lookin at me while I draw. Demand it and it may yet be! The people with the money are, I hear, listening. 
    The Hype Train: Board it.

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  • 5 months ago
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